About Fanfare

Amber Roberts Fanfare Vermont Marketing and Web Development ConsultantI’m Amber, a work-at-home mom of two.  Prior to our kids coming into our family, I worked at a local animal shelter doing everything under the sun.  Some days I was a receptionist, a vet tech, a marketing guru, event planner, fundraiser, technology specialist, or just a human for a lonely pet to snuggle.  When we had our first child we decided it was important for me to stay home with him rather than go back to work.

I quickly realized how much I missed a few of the key parts of my job at the animal shelter: marketing, events coordination, and website development.  In order to continue staying home, I decided to take a leap and put myself out there for people that were in need of my skills.  Enter Fanfare!  I’m here to create for you, as well as to make your event or marketing campaign a success.